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Wonder if this book is unique?

Discussion in 'Non-Music Chat' started by inky, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. inky

    inky New Member

    Some folks might be interested in a book I've recently come across? It's a poetry book written by 5 sisters who reminisce their childhoods, teenage years and special memories etc. in poetry form. Some are quite funny, some thought provoking and others a bit 'deep'? It certainly was thought provoking and took me back to my early days. I enjoyed the good read and drawings done by the sisters.
    The book is available in e.book and paperback from Amazon (only a couple of pounds in e.book form) - is called 'Say Kangaroo' (even the title is apt and explained) and the author, would you believe is Five Sisters.

    Another good read I can recommend is 'The Belle Fields' by Lora Adams. I'm currently reading this for the 2nd time, I enjoyed it originally and it deserves another look! I found it very well written and covers the early life of a local lass who landed a job in a local 'big house' and the moving account of her ups and downs mixing with the privileged family. Plenty of twists and turns and very well written descriptions of life at the turn of the 19th century when Mayday and Christmases etc were celebrated in local villages. Quite moving story with an end I never expected. A sequel is promised - can't wait. Again available by Amazon in e.book and paperback versions. Think the e.book was only a couple of pounds.
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  3. inky

    inky New Member

    I've just enjoyed a couple of other books folks might be interested in? The first is "Brother to the Ox" by Fred Kitchen. A sort of autobiography written by a farm labourer brought up and working all his life on the land in the Worksop area. A very good read in which he explains the hard work these folks did in the early 20th century.
    The other is "Lifting the Latch" by Shiela Stewart. Following the life of a shepherd in mid 20th century - very good descriptive read - often funny, sad and a real 'eye - opener' on the life of a very hard working society of the time.
    Hope anyone who wants to give any of the four books listed above - really enjoy them as I have.
  4. inky

    inky New Member

    Hooray!! The Belle Fields (Lora Adams) mentioned above has now got an eagerly awaited sequel. Just read it (in only 2 or 3 sittings) and enjoyed it just as much as the first. Very descriptive writing again and answers many of the questions left undone in the first book. Ashes of Roses is the title and was made available only a few days ago. Glad at least one of the unsavoury characters got just what they deserved and was really interesting to see how the main characters turned out as the book follows the ups and downs of their lives. Again like the first book fast flowing, plenty of obvious research, plenty of twists and turns and an ending both happy and sad in a way? Would recommend these two to anyone interested but if new to you enjoy The Belle Fields first and get the answers in the sequel. Hope you enjoy ;)

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