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Where's nice to live in Bramley?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by qamidala, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. qamidala

    qamidala New Member

    Thinking of moving to Bramley but aware that it doesn't have the best reputation. I'm well aware that there's good and bad in every town but can anyone give me a run down of the good and bad areas/streets. What about the outskirts as it reaches to Rodley and Horsforth which I've heard have a better reputation?

    Can anyone help?
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  3. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Top end of Calverley Lane, good views over Rodley, towards Horsforth, where perhaps you should have gone in the first place. Which ever, make security, priority. :icon_wink:
  4. qamidala

    qamidala New Member

    Thank you! Good idea on security, I'll have to make sure there's an alarm installed. I'll check out Calverley Lane and hopefully find something there.

    Thanks again
  5. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    depends on how much cash you have, there are some lovely parts of Bramley as well as some chav areas, just of town street near the park is nice, if you have the cash, pollard lane is lovely.
  6. qamidala

    qamidala New Member

    Thanks Dervish. So that's on the outskirts and looks good on streetview. It looks easy to walk into Horsforth and Rodley from there too which would be ideal.
  7. Derc

    Derc New Member

    Agree with you Derv, but the bottom of Pollard Lane entails serious walking, uphill for shops to Horsforth, bridge won't take cars. Uphill to Bramley, by car, in snow ? Same for bus to Rodley, unless Gamidala likes canal towpath walking, or boating on the canal. Top end - Newlay Lane, you've got the Ganners, mmmm.
  8. superleeds

    superleeds New Member

    Also some nice pubs in Rodley, the Barge and the Owl. Rodley nature reserve is also worth a visit.
  9. qamidala

    qamidala New Member

    Thanks guys - this really is a great help and much appreciated!
  10. fiona

    fiona New Member

    Pollard Lane is beautiful at the bottom next to the river, there is a new development there which was originally supposed to include a private bus service funded by the developers to alleviate extra traffic on the narrow road, but I don't believe this has ever been implemented.

    It's only a 5-10 minute walk from there to New Road Side, but the hill is steep. When Kirkstall Forge is developed, it will be a short flat walk along the river/canal to the new railway station there (due 2014). And that development is likely to have shops and other amenities.

    The current phase of development is almost all sold, but a new phase is due to go to planning sometime this year.
  11. Humc

    Humc New Member

    Even better is outside! I commend Pudsey to you, some nice parts with lovely views. But its all down to jolly lolly or the lack thereof. You don't say that you want s****y mod. or sound old quality. Whatever, do not be seduced by a flash exterior: its the inside and the view out that matter. Good hunting!
  12. hilary

    hilary New Member

    I used to live off Pollard Lane, on Valley Road loved it there, with Bramley Fall Woods, football to watch being played on the fields nearby, the canal, & the pub at the bottom of the hill. There's also Valley Rise all semi's. Should never have moved!
  13. bev5985

    bev5985 New Member

    there are lots of lovely places in Bramley just stay away from the big council estates which have a bad name but then again i lived on the Wellstones for many years and have many happy memories of living there i am now in Swinnow and most of the Swinnow area where I live is private houses and close to buses train etc
  14. XtraIncome

    XtraIncome Registered User

    I live in Bramley and have done for nearly 50 years. It will all depend on how much you want to pay ( purchase or rent). Houses can be a low as £60k and heading towards half a million. Or rent from £300pcm upwards.

    Calverley, Pudsey, Rodley are the.... lets say better repuatation and on the other side Armley, Kirstall are the opposites, but as you say everywhere has a good and bad area so it risky to generalise. Don't dismiss Bramley which has a lot going for it. Shopping centre is okay, it has its own Swimming baths, large Asda and M&S not far away, a few social clubs and decent pubs. Easy commute to city centre ( or Bradford).

    I would recommend visiting the areas that you are interested in during the day and evenings. Over the years, area's that were once risky are now bright new builds with good up coming families.

    When you do eventually find a place, contact us so we can help you save money on gas, electric, telephone, internet and mobiles. ....... or help with showing you how to earn an extra income :icon_smile:


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