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Waitrose Meanwood - Leeds finally deemed worthy!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Joe, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

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  3. dervish99

    dervish99 A Mod not a Rocker

    wow Meanwood and not Roundhay... wonder if they got that right??
  4. harrygarner

    harrygarner Member

    They are a tad expensive if the store in otley is antyhing to go by,and meanwood isnt really affluent enough to warrant waitrose siting a store there,no disrespect to meanwood intended.
  5. jkp02uk

    jkp02uk New Member

    why meanwood? surely somewhere between adel and roundhay...
  6. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Has anyone been yet then...? Cycled home through Headingley last night and they had flashing orange signs out advertising the fact that the store was open to the static traffic.
  7. halliclone

    halliclone New Member

    For anyone who hasn't been yet, here is what you can expect to see. It may be a bit pricey for some people, but the food is good quality.:icon_smile:
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  8. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Is this the hallowed Meanwood location?...

    Doesn't look much does it... I'll cycle by on Sunday morning and collect the paper and some bits for breakfast as a test.
  9. lagers

    lagers New Member

    Get plenty of vouchers. I have
  10. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    Give us some :hey:
  11. halliclone

    halliclone New Member

    It's actualy a pic' of the Canary Wharf shop, but if you've seen one, you've seen em all!:neutral:
  12. Joe

    Joe El Duderino

    I can confirm that it is very nice!
  13. PayAsYouGoPA

    PayAsYouGoPA New Member

    God knows why they've chosen Meanwood for the store -#fail me thinks? :eek:
  14. de g.

    de g. New Member

    If you've seen how busy it is, you might revise that assessment!

    Anyway. People drive to supermarkets. Within easy drive of there is Weetwood, Moortown (which manages to support an M&S) and Alwoodley, non of which are exactly hard-up areas of the city. You're also not far from Roundhay and Adel and Cookridge, not to mention all the students at Leeds Uni who have come from private schools and who like to shop there because it's where Mummy and Daddy go, yah?

    It is, however, about the only place in Leeds to get a decent bottle of wine on a Sunday, which is the reason I went.
  15. PayAsYouGoPA

    PayAsYouGoPA New Member

    The only reason it's busy is because it's brand new store. My neighbour went at the weekend and commented that although it was nice it is expensive which is why I can't understand the Meanwood location? It's not easy to get to all in comparison to other supermarkets. I only hope that they have done the decent thing and employed local people?
  16. ra888

    ra888 New Member

    Why a Waitrose in Meanwood - I might be partly responsible!

    Originally there was a dance hall or cinema. Then in the 80s-90s, a GT Smith (Castleford based) - no idea why they would open in Meanwood. Then it was taken over by the main Coop (Manchester based). This was a dreadful store and I made a number of complaints to Manchester HQ regarding the following:
    1) regularly closing 15 mins early ie refusing admission at 21.45 when 22.00 closing
    2) Delicatessen never open at the times people might want produce - eg early evening then they got rid of it completely becaus of poor sales.
    3) Staff smoking outside while customers were queuing at the only open checkout inside.
    4) One evening a woman with mental health problems was attacking other female customers. When told, the security guard hid and the manager stood petrified doing nothing. Having worked with adults with mental health problems and being trained in restraint methods, it fell to me to rescue the victim. The manager then locked all doors and we had to wait until the police arrived, despite me having told them to request an ambulance.
    5) Expensive prices for some items which were not of the highest quality.

    2 or 3 years ago I received a phone call from an agency asking if I would consider joining a Leeds Cooperative focus group to discuss how the Cooperative Society might improve its provision locally. I assumed that this had something to do with the Leeds Coop who run the Cardigan Road Store (a good student supermarket), funeral services etc.

    By this point, anyone who has stayed with this rambling narrative is wondering what it all has to do with Waitrose - please be patient!

    For some time now, I have wondered why it cost 1000s of pounds to have my father cremated and returned to us in a 50p plastic urn by the Coop Undertakers, whereas my mother's labrador (rather obese and the size of a small adult) was despatched (in pain from cancer, so humanely sent on his way), cremated and returned to us in a beautiful walnut veneered casket with brass plaque for less than £150.

    When the focus group man mentioned the Coop, he received all my thoughts and anecdotes relating to funerals, overpriced groceries etc and then asked me some selection questions.

    The result was that I did not qualify, but because of the, in his opinion, interesting points I had made, he would speak to his manager to see whether he should invite me anyway, which is what happened.

    The first meeting was a couple of months later at the Queen's Hotel. Because of the early time, I had decided to go on my motorcycle to avoid traffic congestion and park more easily. It wouldn't start at first and I was 5 minutes late. The receptionist said the Focus Group Leader did not like interruptions and handed over an envolope which contained payment. I said I was unhappy about accepting it and she should let me enter, but to no avail - she stood her ground and I went home, regretting the missed opportunity to strike a blow for cut-price funerals. An acquaintance of mine did a DIY funeral and obtained permission to bury his wife in the garden of their holiday home on a Scottish Island - so there's always hope.

    A couple of weeks later, completely unexpected, I received an invitation to the second Focus group meeting.

    This time I left very early and was the first to arrive, chatting to the leader and being told I should have gone in to the previous meeting.

    The meeting started and it soon became apparent that it was largely about what to do with the dreadful Meanwood Coop store. Everyone present was from Meanwood, Far Headingley/Weetwood etc - all within reach of the Meanwood store. I jumped in and recounted my negative experiences and suggested that the staff be taken to the Otley or Harrogate Waitrose stores to see how a decent supermarket functions. This was picked up - by others present and those who had visited a Waitrose made favourable comments. I further contributed by pointing out a conversation with the Manager at Waitrose's Otley Branch who had kindly retrieved a frozen free-range turkey from the back of their freezers for a July 4th surprise for some American friends of mine. When I asked why Leeds didn't have a Waitrose, he said they were very keen on opening one, but had not found a suitable site. Those present at the meeting remarked that Meanwood was in fact well situated for the most prosperous areas of Leeds and was within easy reach of some of the main commuter roads.

    I imagine the results of the meeting were considered and Waitrose contacted - at least I like to think so.

    I shopped at the new store on Friday. The level of service and quality of staff are excellent. Self-scanning and quick checkouts are far better than the nonsense at Morrisons and Sainsbury and although we did buy a rather watery and bland tasting ready-cooked meal - a Chinese banquet, at least it was not full of salt and MSG and was replaced with no fuss - with a delicious Indian Thali.

    Unfortunately my attempts to promote the idea of cut-price no-frills cremations and improve the quality of the vessel containing the ashes have not been quite as successful.
  17. de g.

    de g. New Member

    Nice story, but I very much doubt it is along those lines. Waitrose have been looking for a store in Leeds for years, and it seems that the Co-op had little long term ambition for the store, probably because their existing lease was coming to an end. Note that the Co-op at that time wasn't Manchester based, but Leeds-based trading under the Co-operative Group brand; Leeds Co-op didn't merge with the Co-operative Group (via a slightly earlier merger with United Co-operatives) until mid 2007.

    I suspect that Waitrose made the owner of the site an offer that was not worth refusing and which the Co-op couldn't match - after all, the Co-op doesn't build stores the size of the new Waitrose store. Given that the planning application for the Waitrose store was submitted in December 2007, it's very likely that the site had been identified as suitable and that negotiations were underway by the time your focus groups took place, and the Co-op almost certainly knew that the store would be closing in 2009 when the lease expired.

  18. LS resident

    LS resident Member

    Leeds finally deemed worthy ...

    One in Meanwood, and soon to be another new one in the City Centre (at the Core Shopping Centre)

    It seems Waitroses are like buses: all that waiting then we're swamped with them :biggrin:
  19. Hatty

    Hatty New Member

    Waitrose! Lovely jubbly! :icon_cool:
  20. NatureBoy

    NatureBoy New Member

    I was wondering where this near Waitrose store was. I must check it out and see if it's worth all the hype.
    A point to note: The old Meanwood Co-op was used in and episode of A Touch of Frost. It was Cordwells and the episode was titled 'Penny for the Guy'. Seen it?
  21. maddymoo

    maddymoo New Member

    Lucky you , I love waitrose .

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