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Recording studios

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by jmyers607, May 9, 2011.

  1. cavie

    cavie Member

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  3. sykelanestudios

    sykelanestudios New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Bella Black
  4. Calder-Recordings

    Calder-Recordings New Member

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    Too Many to List!
    Hi all, thought we'd give you a quick update on some of the latest updates to our roster & facilities...

    We've recently added some more great engineers & producers to our roster including; Yves Altana (Wonky Alice, Invincible, Mark Burgess (The Chameleons), The Bardots, I Am Kloot & Peter Hook). He has an extreme ear for detail and loves to push the boundaries within his productions.

    In addition to Yves, Producer/ Engineer John Brierley (founder of the now legendary Cargo Recording Studios) is also on our books and has been working on loads of sessions out of Calder-Recordings. Johns credits include Joy Division, The Fall, Gang of Four, Not Sensibles, A Certain Ratio, Nico, Section 25, John the Postman, Trax, The Teardrop Explodes, OMD, Dead Or Alive ...the list goes on.

    Stephen Taylor is a young exciting engineer/producer who's hungry for exciting projects. Over the past four years he's been honing his production skills with a wealth of unsigned bands such NGOD, Beware Wolf, Copasetics and more. Working out of his home studio, as well assisting high profile producers on many projects, he's now joined the Calder family and is eager to work on projects of any size and budget. If you want your productions to have an edge but without having to break the bank, Stephen is the man for the job.

    For a full list of our engineers & services see the 'Engineers' page on our website...

    We've recently been updating the studio with yet more vintage outboard including a Furman Rv-1 spring reverb, SL2 Dual Limiter/ Expander Gate & are awaiting delivery of a Urei 1176 :eek: to put in our already impressive racks...

    Apologies for the long post, but we just thought this was news well worth sharing! :D
  5. Beats4Pros

    Beats4Pros New Member

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    This is nice, if any of those recording studios have any female singers handling R&B pretty nice, please get in contact with me! I need singers for beats with hooks, tomaszkselib@gmail.com
  6. BSS

    BSS New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Beat Street Studio Neve Recording & Mixing in Leeds

    We have received several enquiries from potential clients who seemingly do not understand the difference between making a record on a Neve console or making a record 'in the box' or on any other console!! For that reason they are having issues getting their head around our standard day rate. We have therefore decided to try and educate a few people around the city. NEVE AWARENESS PROMOTION.....£195.00 per day including 1st class engineer....Pinch yourselves this is not a dream!!!
    vist http://www.beatstreetstudio.co.uk for more info

    Excellent producers and engineers work from Beat Street Studio
    Neve Console
    Pro Tools 10HD
    Unparalleled sound quality
    Great Outboard
    Superb Mic collection
  7. Stevef

    Stevef New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Online Mixing & Mastering Service

    Calder Recordings is pleased to announce it's new online mixing and mastering service! With over forty years of industry experience, our staff will mix and master your tracks to perfection, ready for world wide release!

    Simply select your service and upload your tracks, pay securely via PayPal, and then sit back while our engineers do all the work within our first class mixing and mastering facilities. We mix down using a pure analogue signal path for maximum fidelity and we will use top class outboard to complete your project to the highest level. We allow you to feedback changes to the mix and supply references so we can work together to achieve your goal. Whether you just need a great drum mix or a highly polished master ready for release, we're sure you won't be dissapointed.

    It's cheaper than you think to give your music the attention it deserves. For more details and pricing check out the http://www.calder-recordings.co.uk/services

    Perhaps you've got a multitrack for a previous studio session and weren't happy with the mix? got a mix ready to master? Recorded something at home and want it to be mixed in a professional environment? no problem..send us the tracks from the comfort of your desktop and we'll take it from there. :)
  8. theanxietyoflove

    theanxietyoflove New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Xmal Deutschland
    Looking for decent and open minded studio / producer this August to record 6 track EP.

    Ideally analogue / digital, open minded to awkward 'unmusical' stance, ideas heavy, parallel thinking type ... our influences musically stem from bands like early Cocteau Twins, Suicide, early Sisters, Xmal Deutschland, Factory records, Cindytalk etc ...





    Had 2 releases out. Done a few gigs now.
  9. Stephenisaok

    Stephenisaok New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Depends on my mood..

    I'm currently working out of Calder Recordings. It's a great studio and I'm doing a really good deal at the minute. £125 for an 8 hour day plus free mixing until October.

    Recently worked with such bands as: The Ruckus, Koala, Tall for Jockeys, Copasetics and more.

    Take a look at my showreel:


    Any artists wanting a high end recording without breaking the bank get in touch: stephenisaok@gmail.com
  10. lottiebomb

    lottiebomb New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Iron Maiden
    Is that just a recording deal or do you offer mixing/ mastering in it?
  11. Stephenisaok

    Stephenisaok New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Depends on my mood..


    Yes I offer a free mixing / mastering service with all my sessions.

  12. P13

    P13 New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    The Charlatans
    I'd have to give a thumbs up to Calder Recordings, very professional and friendly...

    They were so nice when Kascarade recorded we did a short video to show the facilities:


    By the way this is my first post here, so hello everyone...
  13. Calder-Recordings

    Calder-Recordings New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Too Many to List!
    We've got some new package deals running at Calder Recordings! The first is our "Demo Deal"!

    A one stop shop solution to enable you to record, mix and master a high quality demo to showcase your music.

    The full day package includes – A live studio recording of up to three tracks, mixing and mastering, 50 professionally duplicated CDs, complete with PVC wallets and 2-page colour inserts printed with your own artwork.

    This package is perfect for any band looking for a high quality demo without breaking the bank – we’re offering this amazing deal at a special discount price of just £279! If you want to buy this deal for someone as a special gift, personalised gift vouchers are available.

    For more information just get in touch! http://www.calder-recordings.co.uk

    This is just the first of our new package deals, so keep an eye out for the others in the near future!
  14. JTB

    JTB New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Beat Street Studio in Meanwood Leeds are offering some great deals for 2014.

    We are now offering deals deals to suit all budgets.

    From full blown Neve recording to 'In The Box' recordings.

    Why not visit us at http://www.beatstreetstudio.co.uk or

    and find out why we are the best equipped studio in the city with a production team that are 2nd to none.
  15. blackfoxnorth

    blackfoxnorth Member

    There are a lot of interesting posts on here......

    We are opening four permanent writing rooms measuring 6m/6m with control rooms and vocal booths. Available on permanent monthly contracts with water, stew and fresh towels.....mmm.


    This is being followed by a recoding studio and a fully functioning DAB radio station and production offices. If you are interesed in being involved in a project right from the start then get in touch


  16. JonathanRace

    JonathanRace New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Arctic Monkeys
    Pictures of the build look great, nice work so far! :D
  17. swadders

    swadders New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    There's a fantastic studio in Birstall called Loom Studio.It's run by a fantastic guy called Grant Henderson. He's hilarious and does a class job of producing. Their prices are competitive and it's a pleasure to record there. loomstudio.co.uk
  18. musicbasecouk

    musicbasecouk New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    The Troggs
    Thanks for sharing awesome post .
  19. Thenoisefloor

    Thenoisefloor New Member

    Thanks for sharing Recording Tips .You can produce professional quality music, look no further than Music Base in Edinburgh. You’d be surprised to learn that a studio right here in Edinburgh has got everything you may possibly want!
  20. bigspaceship

    bigspaceship Member

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