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Recording studios

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by jmyers607, May 9, 2011.

  1. jmyers607

    jmyers607 New Member

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    Hi, Just a quick message here, not too sure if it's the right thread but here goes.

    Basically Hearts & Souls are looking to hit the studio again next month and record our next single. Problem is we're not too sure which is the best studio to use to achieve our sound effectively and at a competitive rate. As we've only been around a few months we're still testing the waters soundwise, but sound pretty much like this:


    Any suggestion's welcome,
    Ta :)
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  3. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    Re: Hearts & Souls need studio help.

    You'll probably get a long list of suggestions, but the two studios I've used that I'd recommend are Soundmill, where I recorded with my old band and where I recorded my first solo EP, and Loom Studios where I'm recording at the moment.
  4. cjw

    cjw New Member

    Re: Hearts & Souls need studio help.

    best bet is to assess how ready you are to record, if you can't play the songs through perfectly together then don't record yet... wait till your 100% ready it will save time and be much less stressful. If your ready then cool!

    then decide how much money your all willing to chip in to record and how many songs you want to record. I wouldn't do more than three songs in one ten hour session, you will be working constantly mind depending on how many gtr tracks, overdubs etc.

    This will dictate which local studio you use and what your going to do with the recordings. Obviously the cheaper less equipped ones aren't going to get really high end results which you will find in the high end studios but will often punch above their weight depending on the engineer (your own equipment if not pro will also affect the sound, a valve amp will sound better than a solid state etc etc, studios aren't miracle machines!), you get what you pay for mostly with both equipment and studios.

    There are loads of studios around here from top end to student bedroom outfits.

    It might make a good article on here cause this question comes up loads,

    So from what ive gathered over the last year here are the cheaper to expensive studios round here, i don't have anything to gain from the list so have put cheapest at top, i am not counting quality as a criteria as that is your own personal taste, have a listen to the people who work at these places and book the guy whos recordings you like the sound of. Quite a lot of research is coming your way, cause you might not like the style of another engineer who someone else loves!

    Subpark studios (Leeds)
    Voltage Studios (Bradford)
    Loom (batley inbetween Bradford and Leeds)
    Factory Street (Bradford)
    Peak Studios (Bradford)
    Ghosttown (Leeds)
    Cannonball Recordings (Leeds)
    Mook (Leeds)
    Hall Place Recordings (Leeds)
    Soundmill (Leeds)
    Soundworks studios (Leeds)
    Cottage Road studios(Leeds)
    The Chairworks (Castlford)

    the easiest thing to do would be type in "recording studios" into google and just drag the map around, you'll see all the studios all around Leeds then! :) Have fun
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Hearts & Souls need studio help.

    Why not give us a call at The Soundmill on 0113 2890333, come and have a look round, a chat and listen to some other stuff we've recorded.
    Also visit www.thesoundmill.co.uk.
    If there's no answer, leave you number and we'll get back to you asap.

    Soundmill Si
  6. swedishpaul

    swedishpaul New Member

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    Re: Hearts & Souls need studio help.

    Leeds is a fantastic city for Local studios and record production, theres great talent in all studios listed above for sure!
    I'm the In-House Recording Engineer/ Producer at 309 Studios in Meanwood Road.
    Have a look at our rates were doing at http://www.309studios.co.uk/recording.
    Hope all is well with every one!
    From Paul C
  7. AREA39

    AREA39 New Member

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    Pink Floyd
    Re: Hearts & Souls need studio help.

    Back in 2004 when i was getting ready to book a studio to record my 1st album i spent time ringing round and having a chat with all the local studios in the area.

    Most of them had a go at selling the studio to me but only one offered to let me go in and spend sometime (free of charge) going over some home recordings i had made and talking in detail about what i wanted to do and how i wanted the albums sound to flow since i was recording a concept album.

    Then when recording started the studio at all times had my best musical interests at heart, always finding ways to get the results but always leaving the final decision down to me, everytime i asked the studio for input i got it and i ended up with a great album.

    The studio in question is http://www.pro2studios.co.uk i will never record anywhere else due to the fact that this studio is 110% out of this world.

    Over the years i have used 3 or 4 different local studios around Leeds and non come close to this one.

    Its been a few years since i was in the studio and im not sure what the rates are now but you get what you pay for at most studios but at this studio you will get just what YOU want.

    All the best.

    AREA 39
  8. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    Eh up, I'm trying to compile a list of recording studios in the Leeds/Bradford/Wakefield/Sheffield/Hull area. Name as many as you can please!
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  10. Hanson

    Hanson Member

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    Ben Sidall has got the best named studio in the world - Tamla Moortown.


    MIDDLEKRISH New Member

  12. jackvibrations

    jackvibrations New Member

  13. JohnH

    JohnH New Member

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    New Model Army
    Cottage Road, Headingley
    Pro 2, Castleford
    Peak Studio, Bradford
    Loom, Birstall
    Jam On Top, Keighley
    Factory Street, Bradford
    Voltage, Bradford
    Moorside, Cleckheaton
    Silent City, Leeds
    I think there's one in Hebden Bridge. Or maybe Sowerby Bridge, can't remember.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  15. Mark Sturdy

    Mark Sturdy Member

    This is the point at which I inevitably mention Ghost Town in Leeds. Also Loom, House of Mook and, um, some other ones.

    Why would you wish to embark on such a project Stu?
  16. Gav Gusher

    Gav Gusher New Member

    The Lodge, Bridlington
  17. whiskas

    whiskas Member

  18. swedishpaul

    swedishpaul New Member

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  19. Tom Russia

    Tom Russia New Member

    I don't think soudworks has been mentioned yet.
  20. cjw

    cjw New Member

    theres always loads of these threads that get repeated, maybe it could be made a sticky in muso resources?

    Heres some good info

  21. jertum

    jertum New Member

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