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New/Soon to be launched Business- Fresh Produce boxes to your door!

Discussion in 'Leeds Classified Ads' started by Produce Box, May 24, 2015.

  1. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Im new to the forum and want to throw my idea out to you all and see what you think and if you have any ideas/things i could do better.

    The first thing i would say is that im undecided on a name, i so far like Leeds Produce Box, and Yorkshire Produce box.

    The business will service all LS postcodes with Fruit and veg boxes delivered to their doors (Free delivery) These can go to households, local offices and businesses etc.

    We will be working with as many local suppliers as possible and will strive to get Yorkshire produce when in season rather than going overseas and to other areas of the country. So Yorkshire first, UK second, Worldwide as a last resort!

    The range that im planning to sell so far is;

    These are not set in stone and can be changed and altered to what everyone and everyones families etc prefer. Much like your breakfast at a greasy spoon. Swapping your Black pudding for another sausage, you can do that with us!

    £10 Mixed box
    £15 Mixed Box
    £20 Mixed Box
    £30 Mixed Mega box
    £10 Veg box
    £15 Veg Box
    £20 Veg Box
    £30 Veg Mega box
    £10 Fruit box
    £15 Fruit Box
    £20 Fruit Box
    £30 Fruit Mega box

    The £20 mixed box for example would contain..

    Asparagus, Fine Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Courgettes, Leeks, Mushrooms, Onions, Potatoes, Swede, Peppers, Cucumber, Lettuce, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, Apples, Bananas, Satsumas, Grapes and Strawberries.

    All Fantastic quality, wonderfully fresh, local as possible and even better it works out cheaper than going to your local supermarket Asda (Cheapest supermarket for 17 years running, dont quote me on that may be 18 years!)

    We will also look at working with local farms and bakeries to also delivery Eggs and Bread as extras on top of this.

    I am interested to see what all you guys think of this as you would be my target market! Any questions on how anything would work please ask. As i could make a full essay!

    My Big question is, who would fancy trying one when we launch! Launch is planned July/August.


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  3. Daniell

    Daniell Registered User

    Good luck on your venture, where would you be sourcing your goods from?
  4. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    Good luck with your proposed new venture. as there are only two of us in my household I personally would not be interested but my reservations would be. firstly the room needed in a fridge and unless you have a family how would you use all these things before they start to deteriorate. at the moment folks pick up the fruit and veg. at their local supermarket, combining it with their usual shopping.
    I do applaud anyone who "Has a go" on their own. once again Good Luck.
  5. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    They will be sourced from a mixture of yorkshire based farms and wholesalers in Leeds. The wholesalers from Leeds that I will be using use English where possible!

    And if there was just two of you I would suggest a £10-15 box depending how much you would use. Most of the items will last at least a week due to how fresh they are! And for fridge room quite a few of the items don't have to go into a fridge so plenty of room for those yoghurts etc still!
  6. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    Keep us posted: it sounds like it is worth trying at least a box.
  7. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    Definitely worth a try! Better quality, more fresh than your local supermarket and better value. What more could you want! Thanks for the feedback anymore would be appreciated! Even any ideas on how I can get it out there! The help of Leedsforum would be massive of course!
  8. JohnnoLS8

    JohnnoLS8 Member

    Aren't there quite a few companies doing this already?
  9. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    There are a couple going but they only do small areas within leeds or there is a couple of national companies doing this but they favour more the organic side of things which I won't be venturing into straight away.

    Thanks again. Keep the questions coming please guys
  10. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    I was self employed for the biggest part of my working life so I am sincere when I say that I wish you the very best of luck in this venture as I strongly believe in someone branching out and working for them selves.
    What bothers me as an ex. market greengrocer is that folks do not seem to buy much fruit and veg anymore. in the 70s there were approx. 50 wholesalers of F. and V. in Pontefract Lane plus more dotted around Leeds and Morley. also there were Market Gardeners, maybe 10, who sold their stock down there. there were greengrocers shops on every shopping parade and many more in side streets.
    Leeds Kirkgate market had at least 50 stalls all taking good money, have a look now..
    The Supermarkets have pinched the trade plus eating habits have changed. the traditional meal of the week up to about the middle 1980s was Sunday Dinner, where veg was quite prominent, now people go to a pub Sunday lunchtime.
    You will have to pay for and provide transport
    cost of.... fuel, Boxes, stock, a wage for yourself plus insurance, the expenses incurred whilst being self employed and one of the biggest problems with perishable goods is waste. all of which eats into your profits. You sound like you are very keen to start up in a business , I do wish you would choose another one.

    Finally after all that doom and gloom should you go ahead again all the best.

    Ps. I guess I may get some flak from other watchers for these observations but this is my considered opinion.
  11. David L

    David L Registered User

    No flak off me Jackdaly, your observations and advise are quite correct, the Fruit Market on Pontefract Lane was a busy hive of activity in its day, now it has moved further along the Lane ive no idea what its like now.....I remember even Joe Public was welcome to buy at the Market but it is long gone now. Compton Road was also a very nice parade of shops, all nice fruit and veg shops, flower shops , butchers.....look at it now, its a slum......

    I think your advise to Produce Box was very good, and I`m sure he/she will take it on board.......Good luck in your venture by the way Produce Box if you decide to go with your plans.
  12. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    Thanks for the reply guys. I know supermarkets are the key staple but their way quality and quite frankly price does not compete with markets in most cases. In regards to costs I've added it all up after checking prices and it is fees able for me to be able to make enough money from this for a living! My question is will people steer away from supermarkets considering I am potentially considered more convienient

    Is it simply something that wouldn't ever interest you guys?

    Thanks for the honest advice and opinions anyway! :)

  13. David L

    David L Registered User

    Personally I`ve found Asda fruit and veg very poor, it is either on the turn or doesn't last very long at all, especially such things as strawberries, you need to check them carefully for mould......also the meat isn't very good, we have opened the pack and it has stunk, even though it is still well in date.

    This is just my experience, don't shoot the messenger (so to speak) :hey:
  14. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    Tesco and Asda's veg isa disgrace. last time I was in Tesco's the beans were from Egypt, the cabbage and Leeks were from Spain. most most of their selection of spuds were from abroad. If Aldi can have, at the moment, cabbages, potatoes and lettuce from Cornwall why can't the others have them.

    Regarding Strawberry's, until later in the year when we will have the lovely English, most of them come from Italy or somewhere like that, they are transported in cold compartment trucks to keep 'em fresh so when they go out on the shelf they can go off pretty quick.
  15. Leeds Girl

    Leeds Girl Member

    Personally for me and my family Jack, we are eating more fruit and veg than ever before. With a son who's heavily into eating healthy because of training in the gym to making smoothies with fruit and veg in my new Nutri Ninja!
    I have bought mixed boxes from my local farm but I found it had lots of one veg and hardly of another, not enough to cook as a portion for the whole family. What I think would be great would be to choose what goes in the boxes from a selected list, more difficult I know because of the different cost implications.
    We used to have a mobile shop come into our street. Now that is a good idea!
  16. Leeds Girl

    Leeds Girl Member

    Surely this thread could have stayed in GD. The guys asking for advise and generating discussion. seems a shame to move it?
  17. jackdaly

    jackdaly Member

    Yes that was a great service, so why don't they do it anymore......'cos they can't make it pay. it was wonderful to be able to walk out of your front door and simply choose what you wanted.
  18. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    Supermarket fruit and veg is a mockery nothing more on that subject in my opinion. It's not looked after well etc.

    It's poor that they don't give enough for a family of 4 etc if it is a family box in my opinion but everyone has things to improve on and it could be a easy mistake to make.

    Thanks for all the reponses so far it's been brilliant to hear what you all have to say about it. Interesting that some of you have ordered boxes previously.

    And as for the shop that comes to your street really don't think that is feasible, but yet would be brilliant! Maybe someone could get a ice cream van and kit it out with fruit. Play the tune when they get near and the kids will come running... They would be a little disappointed!

    My real question is would people be interesting in trying this product?

    Thanks again guys. Keep the conversation going :)
  19. Rick

    Rick Member

    We get an organic veg box delivered. For your info I think they deliver at least 80 per van per day, so at least 420 per week. Given that they are one of the 4 or 5 firms doing it I guess we could assume that the other big players are delivering similar numbers of boxes.

    It must be at least 2000 boxes being delivered per day in Leeds for organic boxes. How many veg get delivered by the supermarkets is anybody's guess.

    Who do you see as your market? Lots of people go shopping because they like going shopping! It's a routine, it's social, it gets them out of the house.

    Just playing Devil's Advocate here.

    Drawbacks of the box are it's not so easy to change the order, and it can take a week or so for the change to filter through. And overall I'd say the waste from delivered boxes is as high as shop bought stuff. Good luck with the venture.
  20. Produce Box

    Produce Box New Member

    Sounds to me like there is scope for another small local based one! Offering the best yorkshire and surrounding areas has to offer!

    Any more feedback is appreciated and really enjoyed your opinions thus far. Feel like I'm getting into this forum business a bit!
  21. Rover

    Rover Member

    I admire you for trying out this concept. For those concerned about the size of the cases, etc.,I know of a similar program and they encourage small households to split an order. My church organized a Co-Op whereby once each week the supplier eg Produce Box delivers all of the orders to our gym where the customers divide them up.

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