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Looking to Form a band. Need Musicians!

Discussion in 'Musician Resources' started by murrays05, May 11, 2010.

  1. the used 182

    the used 182 New Member

    Re: Looking to Form a band. Need Musicians! - DRUMMER WANTED

    I play guitar in Leeds based band Time to Leave and our drummer has recently left the band, so we're on the search for a new one.
    Our music could probably be loosely classified as modern/alternative rock, with influence from the likes of Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, The Reveiving End of Sirens and various other modern American rock bands of the same ilk shining through in our sound.
    We're looking for someone who loves playing music, will commit to the band, likes the music we play, can ideally drive and is generally looking to put their all into getting themselves and this band as far as possible.

    Our myspace address is www.myspace.com/timetoleave, for anyone wishing to see what we're like, and if you're a drummer and like what you hear, think you can play the songs as well as, if not better than our previous drummer and are interested, then we're interested. Drop me a message on here or email timetoleave@hotmail.co.uk.

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  3. JohnH

    JohnH New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    New Model Army
    Hi. My band (The Wick Effect) appears to have split up, so I'm looking for a new project.

    Plenty years' experience, Mapex kit Zildjian & Sabian cymbals.

    My influences include New Model Army, Foo Fighters, The Mission, Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, Terrorvision, Nirvana, The Damned, The Clash, Siouxsie & The Banshees, etc

    based Baildon but I have my own transport so anywhere in Leeds/Bradford/Wakefield considered

    have a listen at www.thewickeffect.co.uk to hear some of my work; PM me on here or email me johnhooper_drum AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk if you're interested
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I got our drummer on BOBCOM - they also have a good facebook page you can post there too, Good Luck
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Skillful Versatile Drummer Wanted

    We are looking for a versatile and accomplished Drummer/Percussionist, able to play in a variety of styles and integrate very quickly into a very successful 8 piece line-up. (Eleven albums released so far - worldwide)

    You will be experienced in live work, as well as recording, have a good sense of humour, your own transport, equipment and a desire to continuously improve what you (we) do.

    Sensitivity and timing are key and a natural musical awareness of what is required.

    The band produces an eclectic mix of music which broadly falls within the “progressive” genre, but in reality spans many different musical forms from beautiful ballads and folk-tinged songs through to awesome all-out rock workouts and true progressive epics – no two songs sound the same!

    The band is currently experiencing a surge of interest and support, with nominations for Album of the Year by the Classic Rock Society (CRS) and a series of storming headline gigs in support of the latest and critically acclaimed new album.

    Highlights of the band’s 11th anniversary year will be a return appearance at the 2011 Cambridge Rock Festival and now the planned recording of a live album later in 2011.
    A new studio album is also being written which we would like you to get creative with...

    The nature of the band is semi-professional – everyone has a day job. However, the ambition and approach is completely professional.
    These are not positions for anyone wanting to earn money – the band is wholly dedicated to bringing the recordings to life and seeing where that takes us.

    If this sounds interesting to you – let us know.

    Applicants must be available to rehearse Tuesday evenings in Leeds.

    Leeds Yorkshire
    Progressive/Classic Rock Folk Jazz
    Guy (guym@guymanning.com)
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This thread is now open to anyone looking for musicians then, yeah?

    Wouldn't a dedicated 'Musicians Wanted/Available' section on the forum be alot easier?

    Just a thought.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Wouldn't a dedicated 'Musicians Wanted/Available' section on the forum be alot easier?

    Answer: YES it would
  8. davelms

    davelms Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Not Telling
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    OK, so I have put an ad on music-ads.com - but might as well post here, as I can't find a 'Start New Thread' button and other board is so busy!

    Almost ready to gig, Mörderstein are still looking for the 'Flake' element of this excellent Rammstein covers band.
    We have commitment, dedication and rehearse near to York.
    Age/sex unimportant but transport, gear and positive attitude helps.

    Think you can cut it?
    Then please get in touch!
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Right Nick Tearle & The Bluebird Band are looking for any musicians interested in joining, we already have drums rhythm guitar and bass so anyone else is welcome. Ideally a lead guitarist, banjo player, uke player, any interesting instruments that provide melodic parts.

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    is their any double bassists out there to start a rock n roll band? eg: elvis presley,
    chuck berry, ritchie valens, buddy holly and many others!!! must have experience.
    please get in touch! Ritchie.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I work for Cartel Studios and we offer low cost recording deals, rehearsal facilities and private tuition in person or by Skype. We are looking for bands who would like to record their single, EP or album in the studio. The studio is owned by Criminal Records UK, who also arrange live concerts and music industry networking events through the bookings arm, Criminal Booking Agency - so feel free to get in touch for all of those things.

    Our producers have worked with a large number of high profile acts including Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Mark Ronson (Level 42), James Blunt, Das Pop, The Magic Numbers, Florence and The Machine, Keane, Graham Coxon, Hard Fi, Boy Kill Boy, The Rakes, Lucky Soul, The Rocks, Maximo Park, Bluetones, Mark Morrison, Do Me Bad Things, KT Tunstal, Infadels, The Young Knives, Towers Of London, The Yardbirds, Antony and The Johnsons, The Infadels, Nate James, Cyndi Lauper, Tricky (from Massive Attack), The Pretty Things, Fat Boy Slim and many many more.

    We are based in West London, but also have accommodation for bands to come and stay whilst cutting a record. This can work out pretty well if you are looking to gig in London at the same time as well. Our equipment includes Protools, Logic, Mackie 32:8, Motu 896, Mac Titanium G4, MSP5 Studio Monitors, DM5 Alesis Midi Drum Kit, Lexicon MPX 200, Alesis DEQ830, Antares Vocal Producer, Triton Rack, Midi Keyboard, Professional Mics including AKG D112 and C100S’s for drum kit, SM57s / 58s and Rhode NTK Class A Valve Condenser for Vocals, plus tons of studio plugins and more! Also includes the use of all equipment listed below.

    For rehearsals, Studio 1 is available for rehearsal slots at £30 per 4 hour session including the use of the following equipment. If you would like to book 2 or more sessions in the same week the price will be reduced to £22.50 per session. This includes the use of:

    5 Microphones & Stands
    Pearl Export Drum kit, including snare and cymbals if required.
    Marshall Amplifier
    Trace Elliot Bass Amplifier
    Guitar, Bass & Keyboard stands
    2000 Watt PA
    12 Channel Soundcraft Mixer

    Also there is:
    Free parking
    Storage available at low cost
    Deals available for block bookings

    Rehearsal Booking Times (flexible):

    Graveyard shifts are also available from 11.30pm - 9am any night for only £40 for those who like to live on the darkside.

    From high quality multitrack recording, courses and lessons across the board or A&R workshops, it is all here. Get in contact at www.cartelstudios.co.uk
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Vocalist wanted for Live Electronic band

    Taking influences from acts such as - Soulwax, The Whip, LCD Soundsystem, Friendly Fires, Metronomy, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Justice, Bloody Beetroots, Yacht, We Have Band, New Order, New Young Pony Club, The Strokes......

    We are currently a three piece covering Drums/Guitar/Bass/Synths/Ableton. We have two six hour practice sessions a week as a band and two other days programming/writing tracks in a home studio setup. We aim to play everything live using instruments, controllers, live drums, bass/synth bass and sequenced electronic percussion/samples

    If interested call/text James on 07949134761
    Also send any demos of previous projects/tracks to jimmy_dean87@live.co.uk

    No time wasters please! Must be fully committed to practice sessions, gigs ect
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Looking for various musicians for a new krautgazey project.

    Couple of demos up here, two more to come

    Not imperative that the live arrangements are identical. Jam leeway etc.

    Any guitarists, bassists, percussionists, synthists, effects pedalists, even vocalists give me a shout on here or at headsty[at]gmail.com.

    My considered line-up, by no means set in stone, is: myself on vocals/keyboards/guitar (will consider additional vocals), a bassist, two or three other guitarists, preferably two drummers (at least one full kit, maybe the second just on auxiliary percussion and doubling up on keyboards or something), and anything else that would be good for a big soundings a wall of sound.

    Hope you're interested. Out of interest, I'm based in LS6 1.

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi there,
    Im new here.. just registered, but i cant seem to find a 'new topic' button.

    Anyway, i wanted to ask the musicians here to get a look at my new site http://findmusician.co.uk/
    Is offcourse a website to find musicians. But Id like to hear what you guys think of it. Positive and negative feedback.

    The website is a copy of my belgian site www.muzikant.info, but im expanding territory

    Thanks guys!

  16. JoeBRG

    JoeBRG Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Established Leeds rock band looking to replace bassist asap.

    We've got recordings, gigs and a BBC Intro Radio Session lined up in 2012, we released our own EP and toured the UK (Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Hull, Preston and even the mighty Chorley amongst others) in our debut year, last year.

    We parted ways with our previous bassist because we didn't feel he prioritised the band highly enough, so if you're looking to form a band just for fun, we're probably not what you're after. We just want someone, 18-23, who can play solidly without wanting to play slap funk all over our rock. We want them to love playing and gigging and we need them to drink something better than Fosters.

    The name is British Racing Green, you can find us on facebook /BRGband or soundcloud /BRGband . The recordings aren't really a good representation of where we are now, they were done last August and we've since more or less written 2 of the songs on the EP out of our set completely, adding a lot better, bigger material as well.

    If you're looking to do a band as #1 priority, willing to risk/lose jobs etc, we want you to join us!

    Get in touch: britishracinggreenband@gmail.com
    Joe: 07532279660
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi, King Monkey is an Ian Brown tribute act looking for some more permanent members!
    We are looking for a keys player/programmer, a drummer and percussionist.

    We have everything else and need to get upto speed to get this on the road ASAP.

    There is an agent involved and many many well paid gigs hopefully just around the corner!


  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi, King Monkey is an Ian Brown tribute act looking for some more permanent members!
    We are looking for a keys player/programmer, a drummer and percussionist.

    We have everything else and need to get upto speed to get this on the road ASAP.

    There is an agent involved and many many well paid gigs hopefully just around the corner!


  19. JTB

    JTB New Member

    Favourite Bands:
  20. bludger666

    bludger666 New Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Meshuggah, Pantera
    Leeds metal band Bludger are currently looking for a new vocalist to complete our line-up again. Anybody's who's interested can get in touch at bludger666@yahoo.co.uk
  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    any bassists out there into rock ??

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