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Libyan culture..... Can we have more?

Discussion in 'Non-Music Chat' started by Darren Major, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    But what do you make the sarnies with? We use breadcakes.
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  3. Brader

    Brader New Member

    Darren, As you seem to love a good sensatonalist news story.

    Whats your take on ITV giving airtime to this 'Dappy Laughs' character? A man who videotapes himself groping girls in the street and shouting things like "PROPER MOIST" for proper bantz and that?
    Is it ok because hes white?


    Favourite Bands:
    flat breads a sarnie. if its burger bread shaped then its a buttie.

    if its bacon filled then it will always be a sarnie
  5. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    So, buttie then? I call them scufflers.
  6. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    What do you call a breadcake? I call them scufflers.
  7. Brader

    Brader New Member

    dont get me started, it still annoys me my lady calls them Barms
  8. JoeBRG

    JoeBRG Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Breadbun. Stop your foreign nonsenses, it's a breadbun.
  9. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    Barm cake...Alf Roberts sold shit loads of em when he had the corner shop in Coronation Street. His first wife died in a crash. He later married Audrey, Gail's mum.

    Do they still ask for barm cakes on Coronation Street? I never watch it these days.

    Is a stottie cake the same as a scuffler?
  10. ohgee

    ohgee New Member

    Used to live in Shipley. Used to see him up Shipley Glen from time to time. When he died they tried to raise a public subscription for a statue. Got about a tenner. Sad. Instead we have the Shipley Shopper, which is some of the worst public art ever.

    Sorry, I'm going off topic. Baps, it's definitely baps.
  11. Black.Wire

    Black.Wire Member

    We call them cobs where I'm from.
  12. Cowl2

    Cowl2 Active Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Exactly. Cobs. East Midlands. Derby County. Brian Clough. Tosh Lines. Cobs.
  13. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    I've been to a few places in America and they all seem to call them 'rolls.'

    Where I come from, we call them scufflers.
  14. Pat Badger

    Pat Badger New Member

    They're called Rolls where I'm from too in East Angular.
  15. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    It's funny isn't it, how within a ten mile radius of Leeds, there's so many variations...and even more when you go across to Lancashire....and then more variations in East Midlands, East Anglia etc....yet the whole of the USA seem to have one word..'rolls.'

    I call them scufflers.
  16. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    Cob or bap.

    I find it weird that here you ask for a 'sandwich' and it comes in a soft cob. our choices back home would be more soft white, brown, or crusty.
  17. Daimo

    Daimo Member

    On many occasions, when going to visit my grandparents in Mansfield as a child, I would be offered a cob with my tea. It was regularly turned down as I am not a massive fan of sweetcorn.

    I've always called them breadcakes despite the fact they aren't really a cake.

    This brings me on to another point. Is a Jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?
  18. tome

    tome Active Member

    Muffins in Manchester.
  19. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    Do you know the muffin man?
  20. Mr Gary C

    Mr Gary C Well-Known Member

    General rule of thumb. Biscuits go soft when stale and cakes go hard.
  21. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    Apart from fig rolls, but they should also technically be a cake.

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