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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Leeds Forum, May 21, 2010.

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  1. DaFoot

    DaFoot Member

    Re: Leeds forum

    I'm probably unusual... don't really follow football.
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  3. Leeds Forum

    Leeds Forum For Everything Leeds Staff Member

    Merged the two "Leeds Forum" threads that were running in parallel.
  4. mph1977

    mph1977 Member

    and who made you the chief doorbitch, sweetie ?:p why don't you jog back under your bridge?

    never mind the fact I live and work closer to Leeds that to Sheffield ...

    who is trying to start a war here now?

    any local forum would be wise to learn some lessons from SF , the volume of members and the quality and quantity of useful , helpful and entertaining posts is a real example of what a local forum could be like...

    the success of LF will depend on people welcoming all comers rather than referring to people who are posting on here who also post on SF as Arselickers ...
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2010
  5. *Peachy*

    *Peachy* New Member

    Steady on now..
  6. medusa

    medusa Gorgon

    Do we have to have bitching already?

    The site has been bought and you can choose whether to participate or not participate in the site as it stands now. The new site is a fact, not something that is open to change based upon whether you wanted it to happen or not.

    Be warned though, if all you want to do is to attack anyone who chooses to post then you simply won't be welcome here.

    The site is what the users (i.e. you) make it and if you don't want to contribute then we'd suggest not contributing.
  7. CompSpud

    CompSpud New Member

    Well said. Im not from Sheffield. I only moved here 3 months ago. I'm a Bradford lad.. But i don't start bitching about where I'm from etc
  8. Kamilla

    Kamilla New Member

    So trying to order people around and behaving like a bully.
    How charming :rolleyes:
  9. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

    Just a thought.......
    I know that you operate in the tried and trusted [but outdated] V Bulletin version 3, but have you given any thought to upgrading to version 4 with all the bells and whistles associated with a modern forum thesedays.

    Just a few screenshots here http://www.vbulletin.com/index.php?do=screenshots
  10. Malky

    Malky New Member

    “Don’t mend it if it isn’t broken” springs to mind.
  11. mitb01

    mitb01 New Member

    I wasn't for one minute suggesting it had failed its MOT, just saying that a new model which doesn't require an MOT would be nice!
  12. Malky

    Malky New Member

    I suppose they are using a tried an tested formula, I visit a number of forums and find this format most user friendly, then again I am always on SF so its is going to be very familiar.
  13. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    well im not even getting involved in this i admit i dont like sheffield forum for my own reasons and will never go back on but my wife and sons use it alot
    i dont care where anyone comes from the only thing i say is i come on forums for my relaxation and if that gets disturbed i just leave
    i do enough fighting argueing and bickering in my ordinary real world life
    without doing it on line
  14. Malky

    Malky New Member

    I thought we were talking about the format rather than the people that use it.
  15. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    i read the full thread and dont care about formats
  16. Malky

    Malky New Member

    What do you think about the format common on football forums where you get a endless list of contributions, I find them very hard to follow.
  17. wiseguy

    wiseguy Registered User

    never been on one mate to be honest
  18. Leeds Forum

    Leeds Forum For Everything Leeds Staff Member

    Hi, we have considered it but we're not really convinced of what additional benefits it would offer us as forum hosts or for our users.
  19. halliclone

    halliclone New Member

    Re: Leeds forum

    I am sure that Sf did not start off in this vein, it has just evolved this way.

    If it had started off this way it would be just another failed forum. However. To start this forum based on what Sf is now would be a huge mistake. Far too many people have been banned from Sf for little more than having a different opinion. These people are miffed and will vent their anger by downing this forum before it gets a foothold.

    I think if this forum is to stand any chance, The mods should ditch their old ways and realise that people are not stupid, and are what makes a forum work, not mods.

    Thats my advice to this new forum, If I were a mod I would take it! :icon_smile:
  20. halliclone

    halliclone New Member

    Medusa. This is the problem you see. People do want to contribute, but you don't allow them to have their say if it does not agree with you. You need to ditch this attitude for this forum to work. When Sf was started, forums were a new thing! now they are old hat and people know what they are all about.

    Why do you think there are so few people from Leeds registering?

    Why do you think that the majority of members are from Sheffield?

    No one is blaming you for the way you moderate. Most people with a modicum of common realise that you are just following a script as no one could be that bad a moderator. We know you don't have any power other than being able to ban people, and this can't be easy for you being the one that takes the flack for the powers that be. Take my advice, front your superiors with the truth. You have a chance to create a new forum to be proud of. :nod:
  21. Leeds Forum

    Leeds Forum For Everything Leeds Staff Member

    halliclone, I think you've made your grudge with Medusa clear. If you don't like the way either Sheffield Forum or Leeds Forum are run then you may be best not visiting these sites. If, on the other hand, you're actually interested in Leeds Forum, then you're welcome to stick around providing you can move on and contribute to the forum. It's always been our policy not to discuss personal issues in public and therefore we will not be entering in to any further discussion on this topic. This topic is now closed to further replies. If you wish to contact the management of Sheffield Forum then you should do so through that site.
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