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Discussion in 'Non-Music Chat' started by BALL OF SHIT, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Sorry Socko, a pack usually lasts a good 3 months or so.

    Yeah, the nutri-greens is my favourite simply due to the price and quality. I've used My Protein for years and I've always been happy with their stuff. Another company called Alkalive make something similar as do Protocol with their Green Magic.

    They're miles apart from stuff like Herbalife and Juice+ which you are rightly very sceptical of. From previous posts etc I know you know your stuff Broady, so like most things, what might work for me may not work for you.. but you'll never know until you try!

    I'm geeky as hell for this kind of stuff
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  3. As I've just mentioned, My Protein have grown loads in recent years and make quality stuff. Give it a try. Although I've never tried the tropical flavour which just seems odd.
  4. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    They're cheap as well.
  5. Pickpocket

    Pickpocket Member

    Thanks a lot dude! Could you recommend a brand of l-glutamine? I take fish oil and I've found that varies massively on which brand you buy.

    Also, any other supplement recommendations would be great - you clearly know your stuff.
  6. Pickpocket

    Pickpocket Member

    ha! Can you imagine this thread in 2005? The problem is that I actually haven't changed that much, but I know need to do shit loads of exercise and healthy eating to carry on pretending that I'm 26.
  7. The last batch I used was My Protein but I have previously used PHD Pharma which I found to be pretty good. Once again, the same product at My Protein is cheaper. I don't work for MP by the way even though it sounds like I do..

    I don't supplement with much else as I get most of what I need from food which is simply the best place to get your nutrients on board. If you're after a whey protein (aside from MP) I'd recommend Kinetica as a great product. A lot of companies have started producing a 'Juice' type recovery drink which quite a few of my friends take. A lot of them are packed with lots of different nutrients such as HMB and Glutamine in the one shake. A lad I know from the Crossfit community has a company called Kratos, which are worth a look for this kind of thing.

    For people that train who are struggling to sleep, give ZMA a go. It's a Zinc & Magnesium complex that helps you sleep and helps boost testosterone. I genuinely look forward to my ZMA cycle.

    I often try the odd new thing but the backbone of my supplementation remains as follows;

    Fish Oils

  8. Broady

    Broady Member

    Favourite Bands:
    ZMA gave me mental dreams, good stuff.

    BALL OF SHIT Member

    Well I''m taking the plunge and investing in a decent blender (Blendtec) so thanks for the pointers on here.
    I could do with some good recipes for breakfast smoothies, green smoothies etc.

    Also, the supplement angle is interesting, so again any recommendations for what would be good for me are welcome.

    The big problem that I am trying to overcome is that I was diagnosed as having an under active thyroid at the start of this year. Although I am now on a permanent regime of prescription hormones, I still feel under par most of the time, lacking energy.
    I used to cycle 4 times a week, have done for years, but now I can barely face getting on the bike.
    So anything to make me feel energised would be great. I am hoping a big influx of raw fruit and veg via the blender will help.
  10. How do, my gf has the exact same thing as she follows a similar pattern to me... apart from the ZMA as I don't want her to grow a tache or anything..

    I once scored a goal with a shoebox in a ZMA dream..
  11. Broady

    Broady Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Useful little infographic, mentions frozen fruit but if not using that put a bit of ice in just to chill it out a bit:


    BALL OF SHIT Member

    That's really useful, thanks all!
  13. Pickpocket

    Pickpocket Member

    thanks guys - dead useful!

    BALL OF SHIT Member

    I've been blending green smoothies and oat smoothies every day since Thursday.
    Today I feel the best I've felt all year, mentally as well as physical energy levels. It's astounding.
  15. Broady

    Broady Member

    Favourite Bands:
    Good to hear! Just shows how important diet is. Can do some superb soups in the Blendtec too if you haven't already.
  16. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    I had a pint of V8 with tabasco and worcester sauce and a quadruple vodka for breakfast yesterday...No juice machine necessary.
  17. cavie

    cavie Member

  18. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    How annoying is it when the straw comes through the back of the carton?!

    BALL OF SHIT Member

    My stools have turned green.

    BALL OF SHIT Member

    Update: About three weeks into doing this.
    Green smoothie every morning. Oat based fruit smoothie in a flask keeps me going all day at work.
    Proper food on a night. No red meat. Drink beer at weekends.

    Barely cycled all year. Got 50 miles in last week and 80 this week. Loads more energy. Lost about a stone in weight.
    Starting to feel normal again. Unbelievable how all this comes from plants.

    Whats a good way of getting more protein? Maybe a supplement in the morning smoothie?
    Don't want to bulk up in muscle but as I get back into cycling regularly I might need extra protein for the legs and I am not eating as much meat as I used to.
  21. Pickpocket

    Pickpocket Member

    What do you put in your green smoothies and oat smoothies, dude?

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