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IPCC is a joke

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by alfonse, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. alfonse

    alfonse Member

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  3. AgentW

    AgentW Member

    No great surprise.


    OK, we'll give you a Hillsborough enquiry, but this? Nah, nothing to see here. Likewise the "Battle of the Beanfield". Airbrush the lot.
  4. doc

    doc Active Member

    apparently the navy used to pressgang people into fighting wars

    is that investigation still going on ?
  5. tome

    tome Active Member

    I hope not. My great-great-grandfather took the King's shilling and did a runner.
  6. chrisremote

    chrisremote New Member

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    Where do you draw the line with this mentality though? The coppers involved are still alive, albeit retired. It's not as if they're not there to be investigated.
  7. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    96 people did die at Hilsborough, though. Not to excuse anyone but a comparison between the two is ridiculous.
  8. It's not ridiculous.

    Endemic police / media /government corruption. The death count doesn't matter. The BBC edited footage to make it look like the miners attacked. The BBC lied on the news.

    The Miners Strike was a turning point for this country. It was the pivot that got us to where we are now. And that cultural shift was built on lies, blanket propaganda, agent provocateurs from MI5 and the police. Lies and violence. The establishment set out to destroy working class solidarity.

    We wouldn't be here watching the NHS go down the pan, libraries closing, housing crisis, and all the social misery and inequality that is bubbling towards the surface if not for the failure of the miners strike.

    The perpetrators need to be held to account. Every thing we discover about the way the country actually works empowers us. It's important.
  9. Staypuff

    Staypuff Active Member

    Sorry, where did I say there shouldn't be an enquiry? Must have missed that.
  10. doc

    doc Active Member

    the left wing bbc lied??

    I'm in a library now

    I blame pensioners for the crisis , just too many
  11. bongobenny

    bongobenny Well-Known Member

    Coppers used to have way better uniforms back in the day.
  12. AgentW

    AgentW Member

    I wasn't intending to draw any comparisons, more point out the similarities and hint at a connection. Apologies if I didn't make that clearer.

    That said, at Orgreave and the Battle of the Beanfield, I think we saw a police force acting as a state agency with a specific goal in mind. Further to that, we're only getting a Hillsborough enquiry now because for years the need for one was suppressed as a "thank you" to South Yorks police for services rendered during the miners' strike. The families of the Hillsborough victims have not, ever, been prepared to let it lie. That it's taken 25 years is a testament to their tenacity but also an indication of how deeply entrenched the links between police and state are.

    A lot of what Mr RedStars says is true, but one thing's missing: Thatcher had to smash the miners to privatise electricity. You can read all about it in this book 'ere: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/book/9780080429946

    (Disclaimer: It's not the greatest read in the history of books. Any typos in it are the fault of the proofreader; I only copy-edited it.)

    The IPCC report on Orgreave is now publicly available, and you can read it yourself. I've only seen a few bits of it so far, but apparently the officer in the image I posted was investigated and found to have done nothing wrong.
  13. doc

    doc Active Member

    bbc4 festival show showed hippies getting done after the miners last nite.

    didn't look good but one of them said it needed to happen
  14. AgentW

    AgentW Member

  15. doc

    doc Active Member

    the best quote was the oap giving em free tea in the hope they'd use her bath

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