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Getting my phone screen fixed (CHEAP)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Fezz, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Fezz

    Fezz Member

    Anyone know anywhere? The place in morrisons quoted me £100, **** that
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  3. johnnykaos

    johnnykaos Member

    Sounds like it would just be cheaper to buy a replacement phone although I guess it depends on what model you have and what you paid for it. I've had 2 Chinese made / designed Dual SIM smart phones for under £50 on Ebay for the past couple of years, they all come with really good spec (6"+ screens / Android 5 etc) and they are surprisingly well made and reliable. Look for ones made by Lenovo / Cubot / DooGee etc and you'll be really impressed if its not something you've considered before. There are even models for as little as £25 which are still perfectly useable. I wish the cheap tablet computers were as well made and worked as well as the phones.
  4. harrygarner

    harrygarner Member

    There is a chap in Otley who does mobile repairs he's very good as I've had work done there ,he's on Newmarket near the public loos.
  5. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    I'd agree about the Chinese makes. I've had a Doogee X5 pro for several months, cost me about £60 from ebay. Does all that I need.
  6. LeedsGoodGuy

    LeedsGoodGuy Member

    There are some fellas in Leeds Kirkgate market.

    Check them out if you haven't already.

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