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Ever think penalties for crime are a joke..

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by lovejoy, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. lovejoy

    lovejoy New Member

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  3. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

  4. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

    The Judge could have locked him away for 6 months, but chose not to.
  5. romanbob

    romanbob New Member

    Have they locked up any bankers for fiddleing their books or supermarket MDs for selling horemeat?
  6. Allen

    Allen Heating Engineer

    No but they will throw the book at you if you drive in a bus lane
  7. Stardust

    Stardust Registered User

    It's ridiculous isn't it. He obviously doesn't give a care about it and isn't going to stop.
  8. Bazzer

    Bazzer New Member

    Penalties? What penalties? I got burgled seven times in as many months. I knew who was doing it, the Police knew as they returned my goods to me from the ****. They told me who it was - in fact, who were his lookouts and not to touch any of them or else they would be arresting me. Then he moved and it stopped. I was told he was not even a good drug dealer, he used more than he sold and had built a very unsteady customer base who wanted rid.
    So I lose any insurance credibility, the goods, am scared to leave the house, my home life doesn't exist and work suffers because I am always on edge, can't sleep or relax.
    Police can't convict him because when he is arrested he doesn't say anything. Zip. Nada - Nothing. I am pleased to say that was a few years ago, then he moved into serious Drugs.
    Since then I've heard he's into all sorts of problems, Prison, Hospitals usually due to car and bike accidents - not his own vehicles - followed by Prison. Trying to double cross his suppliers was the last time he was in Hospital and it was touch and go for a few weeks - unfortunately he recovered - and that was why years later I discovered all this when someone at work says you remember your Mate.....
    He moved from my area so I do feel sorry for the people he is stealing from now and am glad my seven months of torment has turned into a life (I imagine) not worth living for him. That makes me feel very happy :icon_smile:
    I just hope there isn't a penalty for passing him in the street when he is on fire and I can't generate any urine.:biggrin:
  9. MrTempleDene

    MrTempleDene Just Me Staff Member

  10. westleeds

    westleeds New Member

    Our justice system is ALL about the criminal being the victim it seems these days. Too much liberalism has infected the criminal justice system I think.

    Things will never change though as all the political parties go on about cracking down on crime etc but fail to do so.
  11. Derc

    Derc New Member

    It won't be long before they offer H&Safety courses to perps. Advanced driving for fast getaway twockers.
  12. superleeds

    superleeds New Member

    The problem we have is that the liberal elite believe they occupy the moral high ground and can ignore the public and parliament. They clearly think that their role is the well being of the criminal and their human rights override those of their victims. Clearly the gentleman in the YEP can just laugh at a legal system that holds no fear for him as the punishment will never fit the crime.
  13. leeds1888

    leeds1888 New Member

    It cannot be the liberal elite, you can judge that from previous elections.One cause of organised crime has flourished because of the racially offensive religions,racially offensive to european/anglo people,when i hear of child sexual offences i wonder if that is a twist to the actually oppressive abusive form of semitic religions such as judaism and christianity,this can worsen when children get older and the buddhist, muslim or yoga or vegan or similar offend and abuse us.
    The priest,vicar or reverend honestly believe in what they preach, they cannot appreciate their european/anglo selfs. Their religions have made life as difficult as they can for so many people.
    How can a bible's writings be about israel and egypt and romans preached in english churches not be racially offensive,and the government and legal profession not stop them and give the building for the local people to use.They are desecrating British soil and preaching what to us are false gods,
    if jesus christ existed, he is a tiny bit of israeli history for israeli's.
    We have a lot of crime in the uk but that is one of the oldest.
  14. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    What a load of incoherent gibberish. Are you taking/smoking something that you shouldn't be?
  15. westleeds

    westleeds New Member

    Could not have put it better myself Sir!
  16. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    I was wondering what it all meant ...
  17. Antony

    Antony New Member

    I guess someone wished to get a load of ancient annoyances about all kinds of things off their chest in one thread - any old thread!
    Apparently official figures show that crime rates are falling. No thanks to this kind of sentencing say I. Prime use of prison is to get dangerous folk off the streets - and this guy is dangerous! Our culture is not to take driving offences such as speeding, driving over the limit or whatever seriously.
    I'm glad no one has mentioned the phrase "holiday camps" in this context. I hear that suicide rates at Armley are rather higher than those at Butlins. Mind you, if I had to do a few years at Butlins I might think differently!
  18. leeds1888

    leeds1888 New Member

    leedsman 1954 and westleeds your lack of a reply concerning religious oppression in the u.k. towards us by christianity, as an example, shows crime by some of the pentacostal/evangelical religions is being ignored What could you not understand? Are you foreigners learning the english language as you go along? Or are you taking/smoking something? It was easy to understand and should be easy to give a reply with a religious opinion.
    Which political colour are you two?
    I am not against people keeping their religion, but they are not our religions. I do get annoyed when we keep having this de ja vu situation because the legal people bend the rules for themselves.
    Some churches and chapels do have the goodness to expel wrongdoers because their reputations are also damaged.
    Have you understood this?
  19. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    I'm pure English (whatever that means) for at least five generations, I smoke nothing, take only paracetamol as part of pain management and only drink wine with our evening meal. As for my politics, I'm green. And I'm Christian.

    My reply to your final question is - no, I still don't understand what your point is.
  20. Antony

    Antony New Member

    I can understand why this has been cited as incoherent rubbish, because it refers specifically to "organised crime." If there's evidence that the religions that you're thinking of are responsible for e.g. organised gangs trading in drugs, people trafficking, gangsterism, tax evasion etc. then please cite it. And yes, I am aware of "Asian" child trafficking gangs, but they're not exclusively limited to such gangs, and neither are their offences condoned by Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, whatever, authorities.
    Culturally based offending, such as "honour" punishments, forced marriages etc. have nothing to do with "organised" crime. Domestic violence, street hooliganism, rioting, drunken and disorderly behaviour and such like is perpetrated by all kinds of societal groups, and hasn't been imported from elsewhere, and is certainly NOT organised.
    This thread stems from a persistent drunken driver, and the strange sentences he's receiving, and has nothing to do with the issues you're bringing into the discussion. Your anger about your issues are sincere, but irrelevant in this context, which is why it seems like incoherent rambling.
  21. Oldhenwife

    Oldhenwife New Member

    "abusive form of ... yoga or vegan"

    - I missed that the first time round <shakes head>

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