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Churwell Pubs

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BeestonMalcolm, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Many years ago (1960's) I heard a rumour that aquaintances of mine took over the running of a pub in Churwell.Their names were John and Edie Dix or Dicks. The same source also said that there three pubs on Churwell Hill known by some as - Top 'oil,Middle 'oil and Bottom 'oil. (how very Yorkshire)

    Can any one shed any more light on this please
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  3. harrygarner

    harrygarner Member

    I remember John Charles the legendary Leeds United player was the landlord of one of the Cherwell hill Pubs back in the 70s ,we went in there and he was collecting the glasses, i think it was the middle one .dont the locals call it cheryll hill?
  4. cherrilman

    cherrilman New Member

    Bottom oil is the New Inn which John Charles was landlord
    Middle Oil was the Old Goldern Fleece now pulled down and a tesco store
    Top Oil is the Commercial

    Google is out of date golden fleece is still there
  5. Thanks for the interesting info peeps - my question remains unanswered, but there's time yet.
    Now you come to mention it harrygarner I do remember it being called cherryl hill.Churwell was only a bike ride away from where I lived but I never actually went there.
  6. Grif

    Grif New Member

    I remember going in the Bottom 'Oil when John Charles was there. Still my preferred pub of the three.

    I think fewer people refer to Churwell as 'Churrill' (or however it's spelt) these days, probably as off-cummed-uns move into the area into all the new houses behind Manor Farm.

    It'll allus be Churrill 'Ill to me. I lived on Granny Avenue, just behind the Bottom 'Oil, for about 10 years, then moved away to Morley.
  7. joan impey

    joan impey New Member

  8. joan impey

    joan impey New Member

  9. Hi Joan Impey
    Would you by any chance be the sister of Patricia Dix (Dicks) and who’s parents ran the South Leeds Conservative club in the 1960’s? A group of us had some wonderful times there while John and Edie were in charge. They were a lovely couple.
  10. Joan Impey.
    You said you were THE daughter of John & Edie Dicks,implying that you are the ONLY one?
    I know there were two....why the mystery?
    A reply would be nice

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