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Anyone been to Ayers Rock and / or Barrier Reef?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by leedsman1954, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    Title of thread is pretty self explanatory! I wondered in anyone has been and if they've got any tips?
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  3. Hairyloon

    Hairyloon Active Member

    I think lots of people have: they're very popular destinations...
  4. harrygarner

    harrygarner Member

    One of the lads from work was there earlier this year he really enjoyed it as you can snorkel sround the reef etc apparently its a fairly long boat trip out to it but well worth it
  5. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    I've booked it now, so I'll report back!
  6. leedsman1954

    leedsman1954 Member

    Well, been there, done that, just got back! I was very apprehensive about going to Oz, mainly because of the long flights and hoping I'd booked it all correctly, but it went off fine. I did think, "what's so special about a big rock?" but Ayers Rock does have a certain "something" about it and I can see why the native people held it sacred. There is a certain presence to it. The Olgas aren't too far away and they are similar in feel. You can do expensive 2/3/4 night tours but I just booked a couple of nights stay and hired a car for some self drive sightseeing. The Aborigines have a sign at the foot of the rock saying it is sacred to them and asking people not to climb but there were dozens going up which I thought very bad form. It costs 25 AUD p.p. for a three day entry pass into the national park.
    From Uluru we flew to Cairns, which being in Queensland, was hot and very humid. We did a bit of touring and went on a reef trip. I was a bit nervous about swimming in the sea but thought what the hell and did it, seeing loads of fish and all sorts of coral. Definitely well worth doing. I liked Australia generally. It's not Britain with sunshine, but is "similar but different"!

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